Day 12, Friday, one day before my second Binge Day – WOOT! My numbers are staying pretty steady at down five pounds total nearing the end of my second week.

WEEK 2 EXPERIMENT TWEAK: Can I eat within 90 mins of waking (instead of 30-60) and still lose weight on the 4 hr body plan?

ANSWER: So far, this has not been a problem. My numbers continue to improve.

What is the 4 hour body diet? Like always, exercise is important.

We all know that diet alone won’t do, for total body health and weight loss we have to incorporate regular exercise, even if just walking every day. (Turns out walking is one of the BEST forms of exercise – some people walk for an hour a day or more.)

Today my energy is not the best it could be, all week I’ve struggled a bit with waking and focusing in the mornings, even though I’m generally a morning person. Yesterday I did not walk, and had some acid reflux in the middle of the night. So far this is the only night I’ve had trouble – probably because my foods on this plan are so healthy, I haven’t had issues with this at bedtime. But for me it’s important that I walk every day, especially after my last meal of the day. I didn’t do this yesterday, didn’t walk much at all, so that explains it. Overall I’ve had great improvement with my sleep and lack of acid reflux issues at bedtime on this 4 hour body plan.

This plan from the 4 hour body book is easy

I’ve lost a total of about 4-5 pounds on two weeks of the tim ferriss slow carb diet without exercise. I wanted to focus just on incorporating the plan to begin with, so didn’t worry about exercise too much. But I did get back to my VR workouts in the late afternoons, which are great for cardio and are so much fun. I was working out on the Great Wall of China yesterday – wow, it was cool and goes on and on over the mountain ridges!

However, today as I was feeling rather low on energy again, I spent some time in meditation in the To Be Magnetic app (I highly recommend), and I received the ping (inner guidance) that I need to UP my exercise game now. So I’ve made a plan that, beginning on Monday, I’ll start the Slim in 6 program by Debbie Sieber on the DVD I have. I love it, it’s a simple total-body toning program with cardio, it has three levels so is perfect for getting back to exercising again. Level One is only 24 minutes and is the perfect amount of challenge for the first two weeks. I’m going to change my morning routine so that I do eat breakfast within 30-60 mins of waking, then will work out with Slim in 6 immediately afterwards, six mornings a week. Over the course of the 6-week Slim in 6 program, one’s whole body gets in shape and beautifully toned. I’ll tack on my stretching routine right after my workout. With my workout first thing in the morning after breakfast, it will get done and give me energy for the day.

Lunch: fast low carb recipe

Finished the delicious HelloFresh beef tenderloin sliced into a fresh salad with savory white beans and fresh tomato on the romaine and fresh spinach. Drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil – yum!

Supper: healthy low carb recipe

Tonight we had leftovers for supper. So far I have not gotten sick of protein, beans, and veggie for almost every meal.



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