Ep 4 – Making Buoyant Brooms, a First-Year Project

Professor Fintail substitute-teaches Astounding Arts & Crafty Crafts. This week is a First-Year Project: Buoyant Brooms. Perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree or as a Halloween decoration. But do NOT place one next to your potted mandrakes!


Magical Mayhem, Ep3 – What is She Doing with Those Bones?

What is Prof Fintail doing with all those bones? Learn how to seal bones using a simple method, but DO NOT emulate the professor on how she acquired the bones!


Burrowgroves Magical Mayhem Ep2 – Student Session

Professor Fintail answers student’s questions about Burrowgroves School of Magic and the classes she may have a chance to substitute teach. Here’s your chance to input your ideas and desires for magic school classes and magic craft ideas – check it out. 🙂

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