I have to mention here Norwex’s amazing glasses cleaner cloth. It far outranks any of our other microfiber glasses cleaning cloths, even the one from the eye doctor!

Glasses Cleaner Cloth

You would think this is a simple thing. But I have so many various glasses cleaning cloths, from a variety of sources, and none of them were working very well. I just got new glasses, and I want them to be as clean every day as possible. Not only was I having a hard time keeping them clean, but I hadn’t figured out a way to always have a glasses cloth handy when I need it. So then I end up using my t-shirt, not the most ideal solution.

Other Glasses Cleaning Cloths

I’d been needing one badly. Already my glasses cloth from the eye doctor was causing smears instead of cleaning – it was also covered with dust, which I couldn’t figure out, since I use the cleaner spray they gave me along with their cloth every morning.

I had to finally give up on that little black useless cloth. So then I searched for and brought

out my bigger, light-blue Costco microfiber glasses cleaning cloth. It definitely worked better than the little black one, but I still found myself spraying and wiping and wiping and wiping to get my glasses smear-free.

I have other various glasses cloths, but they are work about the same, which is, not very good.

Norwex Glasses Cleaning Cloth

The Norwex glasses cleaning cloth is much larger, like a little scarf with pretty and unusual designs on it. It actually looks nice. It comes with a clip so I can have it always attached to my purse. This has proven much handier than I thought. I basically have my purse with me anytime I go out, so I don’t have to use my t-shirt or blouse anymore. I keep my purse in my bedroom on the main floor of the house, next to our bathroom, so it’s easy to step in there anytime I’m at home to give my glasses a quick clean.

The best thing about them? They work perfectly without any special glasses cleaner spray. I don’t need that anymore. I just use my Norwex glasses cloth, and my glasses are cleaner and clearer than they’ve ever been. It’s quick and easy and works amazingly well.

I even had my husband try it with his thick lenses, and now he seeks my purse every day to clean his glasses off with this superior cleaner cloth.

The Norwex Optic Scarf comes in seven unusual prints, including a military camouflage print with a heavy-duty carabiner clip. You can find them at Amazon.com.

If you prefer a smaller glasses cleaner cloth with a solid color, Norwex offers their simple, light-blue optic cloth. This one is smaller than the others and does not come with a clip. NOTE: this one is not for use on anti-glare surfaces, it could wipe off the special coating.


After trying many glasses cleaner cloths over the years, I’ve found the Norwex Optic Scarf glasses cloth to be the best, hands-down. It’s easy to have with me everywhere I go, it’s stylish, and I no longer need a liquid glasses cleaner spray. That’s one of the things I love about Norwex products – they’re top quality, while simplifying my life with fewer things


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